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Why Android phones are better than iPhones

Why Android phones are better than iPhones

Why Android phones are better than iPhones

With so many options for Android phones,  it took some time for iPhones to create a strong foundation in the competitive market. While some people love iPhones, others love to stick to their Android phones. There has been a constant debate with which operating system has been better in terms of performance, flexibility and other utility features. The features that prove that Android is a better option than iPhone are as follows-


Plethora of options to choose from

The vast choice of options is one of the major factors that tell that Android phones are really cool. Android phones can meet the demands of each and every smartphone user without any hassle. Whether you want a larger screen size, sleek metallic body or 13MP front camera, Android phones have it all. The large variety of phones with varied specifications, storage capacity, color and shape is one of the greatest advantages of Android. Whereas iPhone models are the same if you consider it in terms of internal hardware, screen or camera. You will only get a few options for bigger or smaller size phones, which is not the case with Android.

Play store for apps

The Google Play Store is one of those places where you do have the option to choose and download any app that you like. The simple user interface and the huge availability of apps is one of the main attractions of Android phones. Majority of the apps can be downloaded for free which is not the case with iPhones. You have to go through a tedious procedure to submit your app in the Apple Play Store. Moreover, you have to buy most of the apps which have a limited period of license.

Customize the phone the way you like

Android phones give you the advantage to customize and choose options as you feel like. Changing the launcher, third party keyboards, predictive text messages or even the entire layout of an Android phone is really easy. Apple iPhones do not give you the advantage to customize your phone as per your desire.

Use of widgets

Adding commonly used apps as widgets to your home screen is only possible in Android phones. Apple iPhones only allow you to add widgets to the notification center of your phone and not on your home screen. This is one of the most favourable points about Android devices that set it apart from the iPhones. Also multitasking is one of the greatest features of Android devices. You can drag and drop two or three apps in the multitasking window for Android devices. This cannot be done with iPhones which is quite a disadvantage.


Specs like processor, RAM, camera megapixels, screen size are much better in Android phones rather than the iPhones. You can figure out the difference yourself when you compare an iPhone with Samsung Galaxy or even HTC Desire phones.

Apart from the above written points, expandable memory storage for Android devices can be increased with the help of SD cards. It is not the case with iPhones where you have to pay money to increase the memory storage for your phones. Also better shelf life of the batteries and  the fact that they can be removed for service repairs is again a big advantage for the android devices.


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