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Things to know while visiting Denmark

Things to know while visiting Denmark

Things to know while visiting Denmark

Considered as the happiest country of the world by the World Happiness Report, there are many surprising facts about the Danes that would leave you in awe. There is a lot to know about the Danish culture, tradition and the people.  So before you start planning a trip to Denmark things that you need to know are as follows-

Get a bike

Getting your own bike is the foremost thing that you need to do in Denmark. About 50 percent of the people in Copenhagen commute by cycling. It is their prime mode of transport even if they are going for parties, shopping or to work. Do not forget to keep a map with you in case you lose your way.

Things to know while visiting Denmark

Follow the rules

The Danes are very particular when it comes to following rules. They are disciplined and would never ever misuse a rule even when there are opportunities to do so.

Learn to follow their traditions

The Danish people are very traditional when it comes to celebrating festivals. Every feast, gathering or festival is celebrated following each and every tradition involved with it. So do not forget to learn about their traditions if you plan to visit there.

Go for a varied wardrobe

Going for a varied wardrobe is an intelligent thing to do in Denmark. The weather is never consistent in this country. So arrange your clothes for the trip accordingly keeping in mind to stock clothes for every kind of weather.

Get acquainted to alcoholism

For those people who do not like alcohol, Denmark can be a difficult place to stay. Beer is a part of their culture for more than 5000 years and there are more than 100 breweries in Denmark. Drinking alcohol is quite common in any event in Denmark.

Avoid talking too much about religion

The Danish people are very private and they do not spend too much of time in churches. Practicing spiritual rituals on a daily basis is also missing for most of the families. They consider religion a private manner and do not go to churches on a regular basis.

Get acquainted to variety of Danish food

The people there have their own kind of bread which is very different from the usual ones. The people in Denmark also love to use different kind of toppings on their sandwich which is quite exciting.

Learn Danish

It is okay even if you do not speak Danish properly. If you wish to adapt to their society and stay there for some time, learning Danish language is advisable. Also using words like “thank you”, “excuse me” or “please” is not common there. People are direct when it comes to their communication style.

Apart from the above written facts, the Danes have a strong connection to their flags and they love to keep it everywhere. They love privacy and are quiet in nature. You have to take initiatives in order to mingle with them. The Danish people are licorice lovers and believe in quality and no special treatments. So be aware and get acquainted to all these facts before you decide to visit the land of the Vikings.


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