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Reasons why you should go to Prague

Reasons why you should go to Prague

Reasons why you should go to Prague

Being the capital of Czech Republic, Prague is one of those beautiful cities that will capture your heart with its own charm and enigma. July and August being the peak period for tourists, Prague is the sixth most commonly visited city in Europe. The friendly people, the colorful streets, pubs, cafes, the musicians at every corner of the streets are something that attracts tourists a lot. The reasons why Prague should be in your wish list to visit are as follows-

Impressive architecture

The rich European architecture of the city is something that will leave a long lasting impression in your mind. The diverse architecture of the city will appeal to you senses, if even you do not have a very good understanding about the subject. The Wallenstein Palace, the Rotunda of St. Martin, Old Town’s entrance, statue-studded Charles Bridge, the Cathedral of Our Lady before Týn are few of the significant landmarks of this city that will surely attract your eyes.

Delicious food

When it comes to food, Czech has plethora of options to offer you. Dumplings, goulashes, deep-fried potato pancakes, fried bread, bowls of sausage in dark beer sauce are some of the few that is a must try for you. The traditional Czech food is heavy on carbs and meat that will leave your heart longing for more. Apart from that Prague offers you a variety of other cuisines which includes Chinese, Thai, Balkan, Indian, Greek, Italian and more.

Lively Street music

Music is one of the biggest attractions of the city of Prague. You can see different kinds of musicians at every corner of this city. Rock, pop, jazz, folk, classical – music of every genre is practiced here. The four storey club called Karlovy Lazne is a great place where each floor is dedicated to a different genre of music. So if you are a music lover, Prague would not fail to impress you in any case. The live music in the narrow lanes creates a spectacular atmosphere perfect to enjoy with beer or wine.

Enjoy beer at reasonable price

Beer is something that you would get in a cheap price than soda or even soft rinks. The authentic breweries, classic pubs or the bars in Prague serve you the best kind of beers in the form of bee taps r bottles. The Prague Beer Museum is one of the best places that offer you beer at prices within your reach. Coupled with traditional Czech cuisine the beer is simply awesome to make your evening a grand one.

Apart from the following reasons, the city’s strategic location surrounded by hills creates spectacular viewpoints are really great to see. The picturesque beauty of river Vltava, the roadside cafes, the availability of a variety of shops makes this place an ideal one for the tourists. Also not to forget the early morning coffee of this place that you must not afford to miss.


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