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Impact of endangered species on earth

Impact of endangered species on earth

Impact of endangered species on earth

Global warming, destruction of natural forests, pollution and poaching of animals have led to serious consequences. Different species of animals are endangered and on the verge of extinction. Sumatran Orangutans, China’s Giant Pandas, vaquita, blue whales, black rhinos, polar bears are some of the names that are highly prominent. Most of the people are not aware of the fact that extinction of species of animals is not good for our Mother Nature.

Cutting down of trees, forest fires, floods, earthquakes are most probable causes of these animals becoming endangered. Also destruction of forests to build human settlements is one of the causes of animal and birds becoming endangered. Global warming is again another prominent reason of animals getting endangered. Melting of ice caps and snow capped regions result in loss of homes for the polar bears which in turn is decreasing the number of polar bears. The effect of polar bears becoming extinct will affect mankind very soon.

The impact of animals becoming endangered and gradually extinct can be quite dangerous. The natural ecosystem of our Earth will be imbalanced and our world will head towards destruction. The food chain and the entire ecosystem of our earth is dependant is dependant of several levels which includes primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumer and the producer. Absence of any one of the level can affect the biodiversity of our environment and misbalance the entire system. Each and every bird and animals in this earth, has a significant role to play, and the absence of a species of bird or animals or even insects will make the entire ecosystem disbalanced. The effect on mankind may not always seem to be an immediate one, but in years ahead it will have a great impact on the destruction of mankind. Ecosystem supports life on earth and helps to create a sustainable environment. For example, if butterflies become extinct at some point of time, our environment would be prevented from benefits like pollination and pest control. Butterflies are an important element of food chain for birds and insects. Shortage of these species can result in loss of food for birds or the variety of insects which in turn would affect the mankind is some point of time.

Although initiatives are being taken to preserve the flora and fauna of our earth, still the risk of animals becoming extinct are very high. Several laws have been passed to protect and conserve the endangered species. But not all animals and birds are protected by these laws. There are animals that face the threat of extinction. Research in United States has come up with the conclusion that the rate of animal becoming extinct is 10 times greater than animals protected by the endangered act. So it is high time to take this issue seriously and work towards the protection of endangered animals.


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