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Fashion Tips For Dusky Women

Fashion Tips For Dusky Women

Fashion Tips For Dusky Women

Fashion and beauty tips for dusky women are quite different from ones having a fair skin tone. Some people think that dusky women are limited to a particular set of colors and make up options- but the truth is very different from the belief. Dusky skinned women look more attractive when they are in the perfect attire with the right kind of makeup. With dusky women getting popularity in every field, it is time ladies to accept the fact that dusky women are really beautiful. The pre conceived notion of fair being the prettiest is not in trend these days.

Fashion Tips For Dusky Women

Fashion for dusky women

When it comes to fashion for dusky women, there are a lot of colors that would look good on dusky women. People have a notion that most of the colors suit fair skinned people. Well, this is quite wrong if you choose the perfect color shade. White, beige, teal, emerald green, sea green, red, charcoal, purple, coral blue, sunflower yellow and navy are some of the most preferred colors that looks good on dusky women. Go for clothes that define your body perfectly. Instead of hiding your bulky figure learn to flaunt it in the right way. You need not have to wear too loose clothes if you are skinny. Go for perfect fit clothes that define your assets well. You can try out any sort of clothes depending on your height, weight and shape.  Keep in mind that being dark is not a disadvantage. With the right kind of fabric and silhouette, any of the above mentioned colors can look gorgeous on you.

Beauty tips for a glowing skin

Following certain beauty tips can surely help you to have a glowing dusky skin. Always moisturize yourself and do not forget to use a sunscreen when you are going out. This will keep your skin hydrated and give a glowing dusky look. The sunscreen is quiet effective in preventing your skin from sunburns. Use a skin-toner that would make you look refreshing and prevent your skin from the excess oil. Use liquid foundation that exactly matches your skin tone instead of the ones that are lighter from your skin tone.  Lipsticks and eye shadows look good when you opt for the dark colors. Beige, coffee, burgundy, plum, berry are some of preferred shades for lipsticks. Dark colored eye shadows look best on dusky women. Let your eyes talk with eye shadow colors like copper, burgundy, green and brown. Smoky eyes steals the show and looks good on any dusky women.

The deal is to look good and you can achieve it if you are confident. Confidence is the key to look beautiful. So stop being shy for your skin tone. Dark skinned women have been popular in the glamour industry from ramps, modeling to being top-notch actresses. So feel free to flaunt your beautiful skin by following the simple beauty tips and having a healthy diet.


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