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Things not to do after a fight

Things not to do after a fight

Things not to do after a fight

Problems in relationships are common. No relationship is perfect without having rough patches in it. Fights and troubles are there in every relationship. You should be aware of how to resolve the fights in an easier way without harming your relationship. It has been often seen that couples do not give the effort to resolve their issues and end up breaking up. Certain things that you must not do after a fight are as follows-

Things not to do after a fight
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Spreading  the word about it

Calling your parents, siblings or even friends and speaking about the fight would not help you in any ways. It would aggravate the situation and create more distance between you two. Even after you two resolve your fights and get along together again, the person with whom you discussed about your fights may have bitter opinions about your better half.  Other’s opinion about your relationship and your partner may change depending on the things you said when you were angry,. So avoid discussing your relationship issues with others after a fight.

Holding on to anger

Keeping grievances and grudges related to your partner would not help you anyways. It is not difficult for you to accept that fact that nobody is perfect. Try to think about the good qualities of your partner and get rid of the negative thoughts. Holding on to anger will not help you to be happy together. So forgive and forget- that is the best way to live a happy life.

Not accepting apology

Not accepting apology will stretch your problems. This would not help you to live a happy life. If your better half is apologizing genuinely, be ready to forgive. Not accepting an apology is one of the common mistakes done by couples. Try to forgive and think positive about your relationship. Not accepting the apology can even lead to break up in some cases, which is something you never want.

Giving too much time without resolving the issue

Giving too much of space after a fight is a bog no-no! This would prolong the problem and add more troubles to your life. The more time you take to resolve your issues, the more difficult it will be for you to overcome. Some people need space after a fight, but keep in mind that giving too much of space will distance you apart from your loved one. So give space to your partner, but see that you come back soon to resolve the issues.

Letting the same problem bother you

Letting the same problem bother you will jeopardize your personal life which in turn would affect your work life and family. So get the matter solved as soon as possible. If you are finding difficulties in solving, go for a mediator who can help you to solve everything between you two. Constantly fighting over the same thing will worsen the situation to a great length. So calm down and discuss in details about the issue without stressing yourself more about it.

These are some of the things that you should never do after a fight. Avoiding the above written points can surely help you to resolve your fights and  get through all your disagreements.


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